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Famous Roulette Winners’ Strategies

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Sometimes the best place to look when trying to beat the house edge is at successful players from the past. And roulette is full of legendary and successful players who made a fortune off of beating the house. In fact, here is a quick look at some of these players, and their strategies for successfully beating the casino in roulette.

Ashley Revell

One of the most extreme gambling strategies involves finding an even money bet, and betting your entire bankroll on this wager. The thinking is that you minimize your exposure to the house’s long-term edge this way. Ashley Revell must have really believed in this strategy because he sold $135,000 worth of his possessions in 2004, and placed all of the money on red in a red/black roulette bet. R

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Double Joy Pot Game on Wink Bingo

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Winkers follow that rainbow that hits players in the eye as soon as they touch onto the Wink Bingo Home Page, breaking news about a doubly fabulous Joy Pot game on the 29 April.

Now that date might live on in your memory because of the Royal Wedding, but wouldn’t it be better to live on because you won £50,000? Undoubtedly it would!

The next Joy Pot (10pm on Friday, 29 April) takes the form of a £50,000 Rollover on Wink Bingo. It’s a Joy Pot that’s doubled in size and surprise surprise the game just happens to be on the same date as the Royal Wedding too!

This special jackpot is the biggest jackpot at Wink Bingo so far! Play this Royal Pot and be a Queen for a night players (or a King!)

KEEP IN MIND that with this particular very special game that ONE WINNER TAKES ALL! It’s a

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Phil Ivey takes on Full Tilt Poker

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Phil Ivey has begun a battle against Full Tilt Poker and is attracting more poker stars to his causeThe dispute between big name professional poker players and Full Tilt Poker gained in intensity after Daniel Negreanu publicly criticised the poker monolith and came out in support of his fellow pro player Phil Ivey. After hearing calls from poker players around the USA to do something to help them get back the money that is in the frozen accounts of the big three poker companies Ivey took the brave step of boycotting the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and pursuing legal action against Full Tilt Poker.

His stand has attracted a great deal of attention and has lead to some harsh words from representatives of Full Tilt whose statement is reproduced in full here:
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Riviera Riches Online Slot Game Goes Live at Microgaming Casinos

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The Riviera Riches slot is a 5 reel, 15 pay-line game that displays the environment of the very wealthy with the main symbols including a lady and gentleman in fashionable attire, a very posh car, the casino building and the bourbon. The game also features the high value card symbols. One of three special symbols is the wild symbol which is the Riviera Riches logo offering the top fixed jackpot payout of 1,500 coins. This symbol also doubles payouts when helping to make winningbinations. The bonus symbol and the scatter symbol are the other two special symbols.

A free spins bonus round that gets activated when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels is also offered by Riviera Riches.

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Blackjack Player Wrecks Casino’s Month with $5.8 Million Win

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Have you ever gone on a hot streak at the blackjack table and walked away thinking, “If only I’d been betting more”? Well that is not what an Atlantic City gambler was lamenting last month after winning nearly $6 million at the high stakes blackjack table at the Tropicana Casino.

The shocking hot streak was recently announced when profits for Atlantic City casinos was announced and the Tropicana was at the bottom due one person’s epic blackjack tear. The result was particularly brutal since the entire Atlantic City gambling industry took a 7% hit last month – a continuation of a slide that it’s been on for 32 months straight.

According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, Atlantic City Casinos posted a drop from $311.5 million last year to $289.4 million this year.

The irony of Tropicana’s bad month is that their high stakes table games have been the main focus of their casino operations – a successful strategy in six of the last seven months. Things seem to

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How to Play Craps – Looking At the Basics

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Playing craps online is actually not much different from the game of craps you would normally play in the so-called brick and mortar casino. When you learn how to play craps online, you should know that it all begins with two identical dice.

Whatever the format; whatever the environment, each of the dice used has six sides, and of course they represent the values of one through six. If you add up the values that are on opposite sides of these cubes, they would add up to seven (7). For instance, the one will be opposite the six, the two will be opposite the five, and the three will be opposite the four. Obviously, all of these combinations add up to seven, and this therefore is the “key” number in the game of craps.

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