A brief guide on craps game

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Craps is the oldest game all over the world and has been played since the origin of human race. Now you can play craps online. Its popular modern form has appeared from the game “Hazard” that was invented by Sir William of Tyre and its knights during the Crusades. It became very popular during the 18th century among the English nobility who liked visiting casinos in the market place. Once the French discovered this easy to play and social game, they changed the name to crabs, crabs was the name given to the lowest value of a crapshoot in danger. Finally, the crabs came to the United States and has been played feverishly and spread to other parts of the country via the Mississippi river boats – each player bringing a new element in the game.

The game was revolutionized by changing the layout of the board and the introduction of “Do not pass” bets on the edge. And the rest as they say is history.

There are several forms of craps: casino craps, street craps and online craps. Casino craps is played at specially meant tables throughout most of the casinos in the world. Street craps doesn’t require a table, it is a more informal version of this game with modified craps rules. and is very popular among soldiers and students looking to pass the time before returning to the books.

Online craps unites both street and casino craps and offers a simpler way to enjoy the game. Craps became fast very popular among Internet users and works with the same as traditional craps strategy. The only thing missing from the online version is the social nature and camaraderie that takes place around the casino craps. This is great, however, is that you can play on your own – you do not need hordes of people around fun.

A great way to learn craps online is to play the free games available on the many casino sites before playing with experienced players.

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